April 3 2012

To day my thank you goes out to a good friend of many years, Roxanne Armstrong, who came over today and helped me scrub and clean out the basement suite.  It wasn’t an easy job but having someone to share the work with made it so much nicer and faster too.  She also came over last thursday with her family and helped me move furniture.  It’s nice to know there are really good people out there in the world who help and care for each other.

Today I saw a facebook post from a friend that said something about how the sun never gets anything back from the earth but still continues to shine and provide it’s light!  Too many times in my life I have given with the hope of getting back and not out of true charity.  I will try harder!  I like the way the sun that’s lights and provides energy is called the “sun”, I don’t think is was by accident.  The “Son” provides light and energy to the earth everyday too.  Both Son/sun’s are nessassary to our daily life! 


April 2nd 1012

Today I am grateful to my son’s teacher.  We recently took a trip to Texas for 10 days and that ment that my kids would miss some school.  One of my oldest son’s teachers put together a folder for him with all the resources he would need to keep caught up with his work and not be left behind.  Imagine his delight when he returned to class not only not behind but actually a day Ahead of his class!  I sent her an email to express my gratitude.

My positive experience of the last 24 hours was the opportunity to watch both sessions of general conference over the net from the comfort of my own livingroom.  It was wonderful to hear the words of living Prophets and to feel of their love.  The Lord is truly mindful of us and I found many things that I know I can use on this journey.  It was while watching the Saturday afternoon session that the thought cam to me to start this blog as a way to journal my path.  I was so happy all week-end. Another great moment was right at the first of the Saturday morning session when President Monson said that he prayed for us.  I had this moment of realization that that included ME!  President Thomas S. Monson prayed for ME!  The Lords Prophet on the earth today approached to Lord in prayer for ME so that my needs might be met.  How wonderful!  And there was so much there for me.  It helps me to understand the role of Jesus Christ as he makes intercessions for us before The Judgment Seat!  He loves me and I want to be the best I can to give Him every possible chance to intercede on my behalf that I may enter into His rest.

in the begining

I have been by nature and by nutrue a person who gravitates to the negitive side of life.  This blog is my personal pathway into the light.  I have become aware that I seek compaionship by having a good story to tell and most often the story I tell has a negitive theme.  I am changing that.  I have observed people who have lots of friends and companionship and what they generally have in common is a happy positive attitude about their life and about what the world has to offer.  It is ironic that the very tools I have been using to gain acceptance is the barior to it.  As I have been seeking ways to change my heart I have begun to see answers to my prayers.  The answers have been in pieces and the puzzle is mine to put together.  A college instructor of mine by the name of John Midill once quoted “when the student is ready the teacher will come”.  I didn’t really understand what her ment at the time but it stuck in my head all the same.  I undersatnd now.  When we open our eyes and seek we can learn from almost everything and when we approch our Heavenly Father in prayer He will help us to open our eyes. 

In the past I have felt very uncomforable with people who seems to live in La La Land.  They seem oblivious to the dark side of life and seem to believe that if they just don’t acknowlede the bad that somehow it will just cease to exisit.  They seem fake and un-nerve me but it is now time for me to learn that the positive in the world is just as real as the negitive and by focusing on it I will be a much happier person.  Not that bad doesn’t exsist and not to turn a blind eye and do nothing but to do what I can to help while staying in a positive place myself.

One way I have heard of to help re-wire your brain is to express gratitude everyday, to sincerly thank or compliment someone every day, and to everyday share something good that happened in your life in the last 24 hours.  That is what this blog is, my journey.